Jamie Reeves

The Blue Eyed Soul Man

The "Believe" Audio Trip, Day 1

Welcome to the "Believe" Audio Trip.  Over the next 12 days, you will get to hear the album in full and all the stories that went behind making the songs.

The first track from the album is called "Out On The Dancefloor", which was written by myself, Alan Lowles and Dayve Dean.  Originally, it was just supposed to be for an EP project that I was doing called Happy Vs Happy, songs which I will tell you about later on the trip.

This was the original song on the EP, but I wanted it to sound like something from the past, something full of Northern Soul.  That's why there are references to the casino in the song (For those that don't know, Wigan Casino was one of the most famous Northern Soul clubs around and Wigan is where I now live).

I just wanted that feel good vibe, something that would put a smile on your face and make you tap your feet.

Stand by for day 2 coming tomorrow....



Out On The Dancefloor

(Reeves, Lowles, Dean)


Been too long baby, since I had you in my arms

Been too long darlin, since I sweetened up your charms

And I can't wait to, dance with you tonight

Cause everything baby, is going to be out of sight




Out on the dancefloor, is where love is made

Out on the dancefloor, is where the weekend is played

Out on the dancefloor, you'll find my baby and me

Out on the dancefloor, everybody's happy


The DJ is spinnin, tunes from back in the day

We're getting our groove on, tonight I've come to play

And in this casino, it's not just the house that wins

If this is my church, then God forgive my sins




We Gonna hit the floor

Then we gonna dance so more

Gonna hold you so tight

And make everything alright