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Funky 13 - 2nd December 2016

Not much new stuff on the list this week because I've been a bit snowed under, so it's more of a sneaky peak under the murky musical bonnet of moi!!

Here's the track listing and some of the stories behind the choices:-

Edwin Starr - 25 Miles

Edwin is one of the greatest vocalists ever in my eyes and this song is just a foot stomping choon. Aggressive, passionate vocal, driving drums, wicked bass line and a horn line that sings all on its own.

Rag N Bone Man - Human

Found out about this guy a couple of weeks ago and then this week he gets nominated for the sound of 2017 BBC award and critic's choice for the Brits.  All while spending a 9th week at number 1 in Germany.  Not happy he has stolen the Joe Cocker reference though, should of trademarked that!!

The Pogues & Kirsty MacColl - Fairytale Of New York

It's now December, Christmas songs are officially allowed.  If you played this song in November, go sit yourself on the naughty step and make yourself drink eggnog (I'd rather a bushtucker trial)

Faces - Stay With Me

If ever I'm travelling back from a gig and I feel tired I stick this tune on, a 4 and half minute triple espresso shot.  Who is Rita though?

Lack of Afro featuring Wayne Gidden - A Time For

I've had the pleasure of doing a couple of songwriting camps with Wayne this year (not a co-write with him yet though, that needs to happen) and what a voice this man has.  This is an old track from a few years back and we need some new material from this superstar.

Joss Stone - Super Duper Love

Another of my driving tunes, I adore Joss' voice and her groove and this is one of her best.

1Eye - Mr Bailiff

A good friend of mine, Nigel King, introduced me to 1Eye after seeing them at a festival this year.  I checked them out on Spotify and found this.  Every musician has been through this point at some time or other!!

Jamie Reeves - If You Believe

The song that started it all off.  Hard for me to think that I wrote this over 14 years ago as a message to myself. It took over 10 years to record and now inspires lots of people on a daily basis.  Let the words feed into your core being.

Bob Marley - Punky Reggae Party

Another driving companion, and in the season of good tidings and parties, make it a punky reggae one.

The Jam - Down At The Tube Station At Midnight

I love the bass lines and the musical energy of The Jam.  I also love the storty telling that goes into this song.  I can visualise Paul Weller get 7 shades kicked out of him, not sure if that was the intention but thats what it does for me!!

The Temptations - Papa Was A Rolling Stone

The greatest intro on a record ever.  That bass line, the strings, the wah wah guitar, PERFECT.  Just listen to the first 2 minutes, the rewind.  The vocals on the rest of the song are pretty amazing too.

Charles Bradley - Victim Of Love

I love this song.  This is what hooked me into Charles Bradley.  The angst, the pain in his voice, the emotion.  That's what real singing is about, the cracks, the screams, the rawness of it all.

Four Tops - I Can't Help Myself

Just a piece of musical heaven, the tops are just awesome, there vocals, there moves, there sound.  The world's greatest ever boyband bar none.


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