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You Hold Your Own Trump Card

As we wake up this morning my social media feeds are full of political experts, like hungover 40 somethings, full of remorse of the actions of the night before.

Yet in my 41 years on the planet I can't think of one direct thing a political leader has done that has had an immediate effect on my life, not one.

Sure the policies they put in place create circumstances I have to navigate like taxes, working conditions, freedom of movement and all silly stuff like that. But how I feel in the morning, thats down to me.

I am responsible for me, you are responsible for you. Not some nylon haired, spitting image puppet who has just closed the biggest business deal in his life.

Trump doesn't get a say in your life, the Prime Minister doesn't get a say in your life, your boss doesn't get a say in your life. It's all down to you. Like everything in life, you have to Believe (I think there is a song about that somewhere?!?)

So whatever your doing today, don't read the news, don't comment on “news” on social media, just smile and feel awesome.

PS The world survived 8 years with George Dubya, despite a Pretzels best efforts, it's all going to be OK.