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Funky 13 - 25th November 2016

I'm starting a weekly Spotify playlist featuring some of my favourite tunes of the moment.  it wil be a mix of old and new, some friends and a cheeky little track from me too.

Here's the track listing and the stories behind the choices:-

Will Simms - Chariot

I saw Will speak at a songwriting conference a couple of weekends ago and his energy was immense.  You could feel his passion from 6 rows back.  Chariot is just a buzzing dance song that will make you smile.

2Play - She's Got That Vibe

This was one of my fav tunes from back in the day and I'm a sucker for a cheeky little remix.  This is another one which will get your energy levels rising.

Nevada - The Mack

Another 90s remix with the man, Mark Morrison.  Energetic nostalgia that just puts a smile on my face.

Charles Bradley - Changes

This guy is such an inspiration.  Didn't get his first record deal until he was in his 60s.  Has a voice that is just dripping in funk.  It took me nearly the whole song before I realised it was a cover of the Ozzy Osbourne track.  Just beautiful.

Frankie Valli - The Night

A Northern Soul classic.  Being an adopted Wiganer, some Northern Soul had to get in.  I love the bass line to this, I'm as happy singing along to that as I am to the words.

Stevie Wonder - Loves In Need

With everything going on around the world today, the message of this song is even more potent.  Remember that you solve more with honey than you do with vinegar.

Queen feat David Bowie - Under Pressure

With it being the 25th anniversary of Freddie Mercury's death, I had to put a Queen tune in as they were one of my favourite bands growing up.  The bass line on this song and the mix of vocal from Freddie and David make this a proper tune.  Not bad for an afternoon jam in Switzerland.

Jamie Reeves - Let's Get Married

My playlist so it should have one of my songs!! The song about my wedding to my wife, seems apt to put this in seeing that child number 3 is due in the next few weeks.

Bruno Mars - Chunky

Loving Bruno's new album, this is one of my favourite tunes from it.  If you're enjoying it too check out some 80s rare groove albums and expand your musical horizons.

Danny Boyle - Need Your Love

I met Danny earlier this year at a songwriting bootcamp and he is an amazing young talent.  Over the next few years you will be hearing a lot more from him.  This is his new single and I'm giving you a chance to be ahead of the curve ;)

Toots & The Maytals - 54-46 Was My Number

This is just a proper tune, the beginning when he rings out those vocals. Magic. Nod your head like the churchill dog.

Cookin On 3 Burners - This Girl

The original version before Kungs got his hands on it.  The brass section is just delicious and Kylie's voice just melts on top of it.  Think of this song like a luxury hot chocolate with lots of melted cream and marshmallows.


Check out the songs here https://open.spotify.com/user/fredshrew/playlist/4XPrsv2Bxb8OXzMxJubn0y